What if I told you that you’ve cut onions wrong this whole time. You probably have been wasting precious minutes of food prep time when you could have been..eating. Or anything other than cutting onions and crying. Every time I see someone struggle cutting an onion, I can’t help but feel compelled to end the pain and torture they’re obviously going through. “Stop. Just stop it all…and watch this.”

Yes, is that good.


  • A well sharpened knife.
  • An onion. (Feel free to give it a dirty look for causing trouble your whole life)


1. Cut the top of the onion off.
Cutting Onion Trick Cut Top Off
2. Place the onion cut side down. Cut vertically down through the onion.
Cutting Onion Trick Cut Vertically Down
3. Tear off the outer skin and first rubbery layer then place onion halves on the cutting board with the new cut side down and root end away facing away from you.
Cutting Onion Trick Cut Side Down
4. Make vertical slices all the way through the onion BUT keep the root end in one piece. I usually start on one side and work my way to the other.
Cutting Onion Trick Cut Slices
5. Repeat. (Tip: keep the slices close together if you want a small dice, or further apart if you want a larger dice.)
Cutting Onion Trick Cut Slices Repeat
6. Rotate the onion halves and cut across the slices. (Again, closer together if you want a small dice…) Watch your time savings appear right before your eyes.
Cutting Onion Trick Cut Slices Again to Dice
7. Repeat with the other half.
Cutting Onion Trick End Result
8. Resist the urge to run and tell all your friends they’re cutting onions wrong.

The Best Trick to Cutting Onions
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