From Professional Baker to Food Writer: a Q&A with Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley speaks on what she learned from Spago, her favorite place to find recipes, and her favorite weeknight dinner.

About Q&A Ashley Rodriguez Not Without Salt
“I happily share my passion for all things salted; sweet and savory, in hope that you too will find pleasure, joy and sustenance in good food.” -Ashley Rodriguez, Owner of Not Without Salt and author of Date Night In. (Photo Credit: Not Without Salt)


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How to Make a DIY Food Photography Setup for $15

So you want to take awesome pictures of food. Great, me too. If I’ve learned anything from the 29376492 websites I’ve read about food photography, it takes time and practice.

But, a few tools and proper lighting also help.

DIY Food Photography Setup

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Inside the Secret Life of a Chef Instructor (and a free demo on North Chinese Cuisine)

Chef Instructor in Culinary Arts Class

When you’re in culinary school, the chef is the boss. Everything they say goes. They watch everything you do, everything you cook, and how you cook it. They’re treated as revered gods.

Gods in disposable paper chef hats.

A typical day in culinary school starts with a demonstration from the chef instructor. They cook on portable propane cooktops in front of the whole class. They walk you through everything you need to know about how to cook a certain dish. They tell you what to look for, what to smell, even what to feel.

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