I’m getting used to a new reality where I don’t have large blocks of time to focus and develop a recipe. Most of the time, I am juggling so much mentally and physically that unless Siri can do it for me, it doesn’t get done.

Siri sits shotgun.

But as the air gets crisper and the nights come earlier, I find myself craving a little creative relief. I’ve been craving the sizzle of something hitting the frying pan, the crisp crust and airy crumb of freshly baked bread, and the sense of sore, painful accomplishment after hours and hours of mastering a recipe.

There are endless fitspo, cupcake loving, kale salad runner blogs out there that probably gather loads more page views than I could ever dream of. I appreciate what they’re doing but it’s not exactly my style. I don’t care about green smoothies or low calorie lemon bars. I want the real thing, even if it means eating chicken breast and veggies all week, lovingly known as Shitty Chicken.

Siri. Remind me to copyright Shitty Chicken.

I didn’t think that anyone wanted to hear about my chicken and veggie meal prep. Or my avocado and chicken dinner, which happened to be the same thing I ate the night before. And the night before. Since I didn’t have anything exciting to say or an awesome recipe to share, I didn’t say anything at all. The situation was hard to swallow especially because of what food52, smitten kitchen, and all the other full time food bloggers were cooking up on a regular basis. Duh, of course I can’t keep up with them.

But here’s the thing. I’m leaving out most of my life. But I don’t need to. Why can’t I mention my tough workouts, Shitty Chicken, and occasional recipe that was sooooo worth the cheat meal? So hopefully you’ll at least put up with me mentioning my unapologetically boring, healthy lunches and my abundant supply of avocados while I work on getting you the next recipe.

Here’s my promise though. I created this website to only post recipes that are mouthwateringly delicious and worth bragging about. So even if you only see a couple recipes, you better believe they’re going to be good ones.

See you soon.

Shitty Chicken, Dumbbells, and Cheat Meals

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