Welcome to Bring Back Delicious! My name is Rebecca and I will be your host.

The Cook

I was born and raised by a herd of moose in rural Maine (well, most of that’s true). I came to California to get my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Applied Science degree from Caltech, which some say is the best university in the world. That may be a lofty claim, but it’s definitely up there. It’s definitely hard.

In my last year, I found myself a bit lost. I was burned out from hours of late night lab sessions, and I needed a creative outlet. I found cooking.

Luckily, Le Cordon Bleu was just down the street. (What are the odds?) I went to engineering school during the day and cooking school at night. In my pursuit of happiness, I lost many friends, but I gained many others.

After I finished at Caltech, I went to work for some of the best cooks and pastry chefs at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles. On the side, I found catering gigs on Craigslist and even did food prep for a popular tv show. I stayed up late, got up early, worked hard, and tried everything.

Ultimately, student loans brought me to my knees. With the help from my (now) husband, I returned to the engineering world to work in software design.

For a while, it felt like a breakup. Cooking at home in a small kitchen wasn’t right. I felt lost. I brought cheese and salami from Trader Joes to dinner parties instead of making my own dish. My cookbooks got neglected. I stopped mentioning I had a culinary degree. I tried to move on.

But I couldn’t.

Eventually, with clamoring from my husband to make the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, I slowly came back. This time, it was with a vengeance.

The Food

During my culinary breakup, I often ordered Eggs Benedict when I went out for breakfast. I still have an endless pursuit for the perfect Tortelli di Zucca whenever I go to an Italian restaurant. I am always let down. You can only spend so much money on something when you KNOW you can make better.

In culinary school, I’d bring my dish back to my station as soon as the chef was done grading. Many times, I’d just stand there, dumbfounded, marveling how something could taste SO good.

I can’t remember the last time I had that feeling at a restaurant, but I can remember the last time I had that at home. It was a couple nights ago when I made Caramelized Apple Almond Financier.

I want to help you wade through the endless stream of recipes out there and show you the tried and true, mouth-watering ones that will make you stop. Recipes that make the rest of the world fade out for a few minutes. Recipes that help you rediscover delicious.

Caramelized Apple Almond Financier Mini Muffin Bites

The Leftovers

When I’m not blogging, I can be found on my spin bike (often reading at the same time), lifting weights (and putting them back down), and most days, squeezing in random culinary adventures while doing the whole work/husband/baby/dinner routine.

I subscribe to way too many food blogs on Feedly, keep way too many cookbooks in my cupboards, and love my husband and little peanut to pieces.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  • June 24, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Omg I didn’t realize who was behind this instagram and now website! Awesome recipes! Woohoo gonna try them! Thank you! Did u ever make the perfect chocolate chip cookie?

  • June 24, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Re: perfect cookie

    Apparently you did! Well deserved and congratulations! Your life looks beautiful and meaningful!


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